Natural Capital Trust

We work to build community capacities to manage, use and conserve their resources sustainably.

About Us

NCT is a non-governmental organization founded in 2013 to work with communities to uplift their general welfare through social-economic interventions such as water and sanitation, environmental conservation, gender, and livelihoods among other initiatives.

Natural Capital Trust (NCT) was born out of experiences on the ground during research aimed to assess rainwater harvesting practices in Makueni County. Since its inception, the organization has been working with community groups in the Kibera informal settlement and rural Kenya to implement development projects. Our thematic areas are in water and sanitation, livelihoods, gender and social Justice, including a number of crosscutting dimensions such as HIV/Aids, CEDC and climate change

Community Based

The Organization Works to build community capacities to manage, use and conserve their natural resources sustainably. This is achieved through community based development management model entailing; social mobilization that employs issue based reflective conversations with communities focused on generating home-grown sustainable solutions. Such interventions are implemented and nurtured by communities thus encouraging not only sustainability but also replication and up scaling.

Integrated Approach

Conscious of the multidimensional nature of the quest for sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction,NCT adopts a holistic approach in working with communities to advance livelihoods strengthening and uplift general welfare through supporting natural resource management interventions such as water and sanitation development, environmental conservation and climate change adaptation among other initiatives.

Social Mobilization

NCT realizes that the missing link between potential and prosperity could be triggered by mobilization.Therefore we believe in mobilizing communities in pursuit of cultivating common interest/ground for advancing causes. This enables rallying efforts to tackle social issues that impede progress in development.


Projects Completed

Ksh. 50M+

Raised to Date